Construction Resumes in Trousdale Estates After Moratorium is Lifted

As of June 18th, after coming up with a plan to make the roads safer, the moratorium in Trousdale Estates has finally been lifted by Beverly Hills officials.  

The plan includes requiring heavy-haul trucks to have secondary brakes and proof of an annual safety inspection. 

Two LAPD police officers were recently  killed in accidents involving cement trucks in Trousdale Estates, where almost 10 percent of the homes are under construction.  In March the first of two incidents occurred when a cement truck heading down Loma Vista struck and killed an LAPD officer.  Two months later, a second officer was killed just 25 yards away on the same street by another cement truck.  

According to city records, approximately 47 houses are under construction or being renovated within the 410-acre hillside community of about 530 residences.  Builders, developers and future homeowners are snapping up vintage mid-century modern properties to modernize at potential values as high as triple their costs.   About half of the houses under construction are real estate flips meant for sale, most expected to be listed at more than $10 million, with developer Nile Niami spec building at least three of them, all with incredible highly sought after views of the city and the ocean, large flat lots, and some of Beverly Hills most coveted real estate.  

Trousdale Estates is home to such celebrities as Elton John, Ringo Starr and Vera Wang, and to the likes of estates designed by Wallace Neff, Hal Levitt, Paul Williams, Ed Fickett, A. Quincy Jones,  and Lloyd Wright.