15 ways to be more productive with your business day


Let’s face it, we all want more time to get more done, be more, and have more.  So why is it that some people are just much more efficient at squeezing more out of every work day?  Here are a few things I do that might help you can get started on your way……..

  1. –Get up an hour earlier,  For me, that’s when the house is quiet, the kids are asleep and I can get a LOT done while I’m drinking my coffee.
  2. –Use Sunday evening for planning my week.
  3. –Say no. (the power of constraints). Ignore. Focus only on the thing you’re looking to achieve.
  4. –Turn off your emails on your phone.  This is great for me – means I’m not jumping every time the phone beeps, saves the phones’ battery life too.
  5. –Use a simple to-do-list and only put THREE things on it to get done each day.  I use TeuxDeux.
  6. –Plan your day according to the most important, biggest task, not the smallest and easiest.  Get your “big rocks” out of the way first thing – you’ll be happy you did.
  7. –Know what the next step is at the end of every conversation.
  8. –Set a timer to go off at 30 minute intervals to focus on one activity and take a short 1 minute break to refocus
  9. –Take a proper break after 2 hours for 10-20 minutes – do some pushups or get out in the fresh air.
  10. –Ask yourself  “is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to what I want to achieve.?”
  11. –Know what you’re looking to achieve – what does “finished” look like?
  12. –Keep an idea book to dump your distractions in, and come back to them a week later.  Or a vision board – I have both.
  13. –Work out what is important and what isn’t important to do.
  14. –Stop procrastinating and just DO it!
  15. –Outsource – get help using oDesk and Elance, and have someone else design your blog in 2 days instead of you taking 3 weeks.