Striving to be the Picasso of the Real Estate World


Trying to compare a real estate broker to an artistic genius such as Picasso may seem a bit crazy. In reality, it makes perfect sense. Take a look at this short story…….

One day, a lady asked Picasso to sketch a picture for her while she was dining at a restaurant. Picasso agreed, and quickly drew a sketch for the woman. When he handed her the sketch, he told her the charge would be $10,000. The woman found this price to outrageous and fought back by telling Picasso he only spent a few minutes on the sketch. Picasso responded to woman, “No madam, it took me 50 years.”

To Do a Job Well, You Must Invest Time

No matter what the profession, it takes time to develop skills that may appear to be simple to people who don’t have experience in the field. Take a house showing for example. It seems easy to show a home to a potential buyer, however it takes a professional in the real estate industry to point out the right details to a potential buyer to help the buyer make the best decision for their financial investment.

Understanding the Market Requires Experience

A professional real estate agent is there to help home buyers avoid common mistakes a novice, solo home buyer is likely to make. When shopping for a home, the last thing a new buyer needs is to make a poor decision based upon bad timing or lack of knowledge.

The First Impression Maybe the Last

Your first impression is the lasting impression, especially in the real estate world. More often than not, your first impression will be your last. In order to make the best first and last impression, follow an expert’s advice on staging, photography, and marketing. Be sure to use professional signage and utilize the Internet to the fullest to gain more exposure.

For the best results throughout Los Angeles, and particularly Pacific Palisades, DTLA, Malibu, Studio City, and the Hollywood Hills, be sure to use a true real estate professional.