Ellen DeGeneres sells Brody Mansion to Sean Parker for $55 million

Ellen DeGeneres has finally sold the Brody House. 

Address:  360 S Mapleton Drive, Holmby Hills

11,511 Square feet - 9 bedrooms, 8 baths

This is the prestigious where Ellen lived with her partner and wife Portia de Rossi. Brody House is in Holmby Hills and was sold to Sean Parker. You might know Sean Parker from the little sharing website called Napster. It was reported that Sean Parker bought the house for $55 million and with that money; Ellen and Portia have bought a new property in Beverly Hills.

TMZ was all over this story once it realized that Sean Parker really admired the decorating capabilities of the wives and he just loved the interior design of Brody house. Ellen obviously did not want to sell the place because it was really great to live in. But Sean Parker made a huge offer to the wives and Ellen was forced to sell.

Ellen DeGeneres is not the one who is losing this beautiful place in this transaction. She originally bought the house for around $40 million in the month of January in 2014. The amount Sean Parker offered clearly allowed Ellen to make a $15 million profit on this house in no time.

Why the Brody House had such an inflated price is not mystery and there are reasons why Sean Parker and Ellen are crazy for this place. Thie mid-century modern A. Quincy Jones mansion is the definition of luxury real estate and was built first by the famous philanthropist Francis Lasker Brody in the year 1947. Some great architects and interior designers were hired to give this mansion an epic identity. Billy Haines, the interior designer worked hard to make this place unbelievable while Garett Eckbo, the landscape architect did his best to shape this place into beauty and an architectural masterpiece.

The Brody House covers 2.3 acres area and has 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms in it. This vast area is not the reason why this mansion is so likeable. This mansion also features a spa and a gym that add to the comfort. Moreover, the Brody House does not lack other luxuries including swimming pool and a tennis court. Another exciting feature worth noting about the Brody House is that it is located right next to the Playboy Mansion.

It is clear that Sean Parker has found heaven on earth for himself, but DeGeneres has not really lost everything. She was quick to invest the profit into buying a luxury real estate in Beverly West Building.