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Imagine greenery, bustling crowd, spas, friendly shops, yoga studios, restaurants and great schools. Close enough to the city but far enough away to feel like a community. It is one of the best areas in Los Angeles to live:  Studio City.  Once settled, families never want to leave.  Envision a home amidst the beauty of nature  and hiking trails in Fryman Canyon. When in Studio City, you are never far from nature‚Äôs best gifts.

Why Studio City?

There are many factors and features that make Studio City a great place to live. This place is best for both, residential and commercial investment. Where the price of property rises with its demand, Studio City has quite a range for budget investors as well. Studio City has great parks, an active shopping scene on Ventura Blvd or Tujunga Village, restaurants,hotels, CBS Studios, and a fair amount of history.  

Studio City has::

Great Educational facilities: No matter, if you choose to set your sweet home in Studio City, you or your kids will always have quick and close access to schools and colleges. There are a number of excellent schools within the area, both public and private, included the much esteemed Carpenter Community Charter Elementary School, Colfax Charter, Walter Reed, and Harvard-Westlake to name a few.   

A neighborhood for everyone.   If you love the serenity, try making your investment in: Colfax Meadows, the Studio City hills, Footbridge Square, The Silver Triangle or Fryman Canyon Estates. Studio City rests in the lap of mother nature, carrying all its majestic beauty, the whole area  surrounded by hills, lush greens, and some of the best views of the Valley in the city.  

Debbie is an expert in the marketing and sale of historically significant homes, and also specializes in the Studio City area of Los Angeles.  Consistently one of the tope sales people in the area, Debbie has become a regular financial contributor to Carpenter Community Charter Elementary School, donating $1,000 from each closed sale located within school boundaries.  This commitment to community growth and welfare, along with record-high neighborhood sales, have earned her a stellar reputation among clients and peers alike.

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