Debbie Pisaro - Agent at Keller Williams Realty


Jessica Mintz

"Debbie exceeded every expectation that I had. She knows the market, she handled the buyer-seller negotiations with the experience of an old pro (and this included discussions with the mortgage broker), and perhaps most importantly, she understood my concerns and did everything possible to calm my nerves about everything."

Michael Bendle

"As a business manager & CPA for many high net-worth clients, I have handled many real estate transactions and have worked with many real estate brokers over the last 23 years. Debbie superbly handled a recent transaction for my client. There were many issues involving the property itself, the sellers and their representatives. She handled the negotiations with professionalism and efficiency resulting in an excellent final result. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my other clients."

Julie & Steve, Studio City to Woodland Hills

Debbie was the second broker we hired in the middle of a tough sell.  She came in right away and took over everything with ease, grace, strength and speed.  She priced our home well, we received multiple offers and together we sold our house in 11 days.  She is kind and firm, both of which we really needed in our negotiation process.  We liked the subs she recommended, she surrounds herself with quality people, and I love how on top of everything she is.  I trust her and have referred her to others who have also been very pleased with her prompt processing and excellent results.  

Tracey & Sean, Santa Monica

We were lucky enough to work with Debbie this past year and were so impressed by her honest and friendly approach to the house hunting process. She was available to us 24/7 and worked diligently to make sure all our questions were answered. She always had our best interests at heart and was able to go above and beyond, looking into issues and recommending solutions that were always in OUR best interest, even at the risk of losing the deal. We would highly recommend Debbie to anyone who is looking for a hard working and wonderful real estate agent.

David James, Los Feliz 

"Debbie Pisaro was recommended by my agent Erin Moncrief from Keller Williams in the desert. She saw the mess we inherited in Los Feliz and gave sound advise for us and found painters, cleaners for carpet, windows and general cleaning. They were not only great recommendations but very reasonable. She was great to deal with and sold the home very fast and had all the paper work done properly. Thank You Debbie!!"

Neil Christensen, Buyer and Seller

"Debbie was a true professional, guiding us through the process of both selling our old home and buying a new one simultaneously, despite the fact the seller of the new home was really difficult to deal with.  We couldn’t have asked for a better agent." 

Cindy & Brian Malouf, Repeat clients - buyers, sellers and buyers again

"We first connected with Debbie online. She was without a doubt our studio city expert, finding us the perfect home here, while we wrapped up our lives in New York. She helped make the move and the purchase significantly less stressful with her attention to detail, our needs and her broad knowledge base of the market."-

Clark Benson, owner Ranker.com

"I'd love to give you a testimonial, but can you write it?  :)" **

**ok so this isn't uncommon with some of my busiest clients. I get it. They are busy, which is usually why they can afford multi-million dollar luxury homes.  

Jill Terrell, Studio City  

"Debbie and I started working together early in 2011, when my husband and I were considering selling or renting our current home and purchasing a lesser value home in order to reduce our mortgage expenses.  Debbie knew going in that we might not actually go through with the move, but that didn’t stop her from giving us great service!

I loved working with Debbie!  Every day was a fun adventure, and she had an excellent idea of what we were looking for.  She found a home for us which I still wish I had purchased.  It was so unique, and fit our needs so well.  We came very close to making an offer, but in the end, it turned out that we didn’t need to move after all.

Debbie will be the first person I turn to if we ever decide to purchase a new home."

Meredith Muncy, Santa Monica

"Debbie (unlike the other realtors we interviewed who wanted to behave more conservatively) understood how to price the house -- boldly and daringly -- to create a sales event on my uncle's house in North Hollywood.

Which means: 

In a glutted and down market, she helped us attract over what? 60 offers? Creating a bidding war... so that we got $100,000 over asking price...On a one-bathroom house. 

We put it on the market for like $299,000 and got over $400,000 When the house was ready to be on the market, it sold immediately. Thank you again for that!"

Diana Brown, Malibu

Debbie represented us as a buyer and a seller. She is top notch! She really heard us regarding what we wanted in a new home and patiently brought us to several homes over the course of several months. She negotiated for us and not only got us the best deal both as a buyer and a seller, but made the transition as easy as possible! We have been our home for 9 years now and we love it!! Thanks, Debbie!

Rita LaCanfora, Morgan Stanley

Speaking as a professional for many years, required to deliver exemplary customer service, and expecting no less than what my clients rightfully expect from me, I found Debbie to be incredibly responsive with an innate sense of urgency that I could truly appreciate. I had started my home search with two other Realtors and in Debbie’s case the 3rd was the charm.

Christine Flores, Los Feliz

How would we describe Debbie in one word: AMAZING! Debbie helped us sell one house and buy another. Her attention to detail, her perseverance and her marketing skills helped sell our home fast. When she represented us as buyers, she really looked out for our well being and our best interest. She made our buying experience, which can be quite stressful and difficult, more pleasant. Debbie is super smart and resourceful and knows how to take care of business, we highly recommend her!!!