Home Fashions Come, and Home Fashions Go

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Ever-changing Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are similar to clothing trends.  One day a 1930’s dress is vintage the next day it’s a “modern take on a classic style”.  Interior design trends are the same—everything old is new again, and soon the new will become old.

Take a look back at the decorative changes you’ve made over the last decade or so.  When you painted your dining room and got a new dining room set  your previous set was probably in great condition, but the room was no longer on trend.  It was time for the Victorian to be replaced with Contemporary.

I remember my mom’s great excitement over her beach themed seafoam green bathroom with shell motif.  At the time it was the envy of all her friends. Now I just can’t imagine such a thing when not at an actual beach—and even then I’m not so sure anymore!  

The popularity of home improvement and home interior TV and magazines has peaked our creativity and challenges us to stay on trend when it comes to interior design.  Interior design trends have one constant, they will change and evolve and we will continue to update our homes as they come and go.