Real Estate is a Service Business and Service Matters


Today’s high-tech world has us all juggling multiple means of communication—cell phone, work phone, voicemail, email, text, IM, BBM, and social media.  

There are so many ways to communicate and the internet has made us so easily accessible that the sheer volume of incomingcommunication can be overwhelming. When we get overwhelmed customer service can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Many of us don’t work from an office full-time and have to respond to our clients while on the go.  Even with all of the demands on our time we have to make sure that we hear our customers needs.  It is beyond just listening, we must listen with the intent to learn something and not with the intent to simply check one more response off or our “To Do” list.

You could be providing the best services or product available, but if your customer service is lacking your clients will go elsewhere.  

Your clients can sense when your response is rushed,sloppy, or a canned.  Focus more attention on giving your clients, collegues, family, and friends a personalized response.  

Whether personal or professional, listening to learn will extend the longevity and quality of your relationships.