The Shoffice—A UK Trend Taking The LA Market By Storm

The “shoffice” is a real estate trend that became so popular in the UK, that it is becoming one of the most sought-after home additions in ADD AREA. The shoffice is a cross between a shed and an office, and is perfect for any homeowner who feels like they need just a little bit more space.

Not Really A Shed

Don’t let the “shed” half of shoffice throw you off. Your shoffice does not have to look like a shed, and can be customized any way you like. While you can certainly have a rectangular or square shoffice built, many shoffices in the ADD AREA area are quite modern in architecture and design. While most choose to forgo running water in their shoffice, electricity and strategically place lighting and windows are a must.

Who Doesn’t Require A Home Office?

With the ability to work remotely, or even work from home full-time—a home office is now a necessity for most homeowners. Even if you have the room in your home to turn a den, basement, or spare bedroom into an office—it doesn’t always work. Either the space is shared and therefore not the distraction-free work space you require, or you simply prefer to have a clearly designated and separate place to do business. This makes a shoffice an excellent choice.

Make Your Shoffice Work For You

As your family continues to grow, and as you inevitably accumulate more things—you may begin to feel as though you are outgrowing your home. Just because you are outgrowing your home, does not mean you want to move. You may be in the perfect neighborhood or school district—and you may sincerely have found your dream home. This is yet another reason why a shoffice may be the right move.

A shoffice will provide you with that little space required to improve the functionality of your home. You can have it designed specifically to meet your needs, and as the kids begin to move away to college—your shoffice can transition into any other additional space you have always dreamed of having. This could be a yoga and meditation studio, guest bedroom, or simply continue to use it as your home office.

In the UK many shoffices were designed to be portable micro-living spaces, but to increase

your property value—many ADD AREA homeowners have their shoffice built to be a permanent part of their property.